Rainwater Systems and Roof Safety Products

The purpose of the rainwater system is to divert the water flowing from the roof away from the walls and plinth.

Roof safety products ensure moving around on the roof is safe and snow guards prevent snow from falling on anyone.

The installation of a rainwater systems and roof safety products usually takes one day for our professionals.

Rainwater Systems

The rainwater system directs rainwater and meltwater to where they belong. An unmaintained or incorrectly sized system can, at worst, cause moisture damage to your home.

Gutter installation

The installation of gutters is usually done in one day; hence it is not a big operation. We always manufacture the system on site and to size: this way we avoid unnecessary seams, which are the most common leak point in gutters.

Semicircular seamless gutters with external supports

We manufacture semicircular gutters, whiches supports come outside the gutter. This makes it easy to keep the system free of leaves and other debris. We use domestic and high-quality Nesco Oy products.

When should the gutters be replaced?

Typically, gutters are to be replaced around every 30 to 40 years. In some cases, they should be replaced earlier if they are damaged by snow, ice, or other external factors. The house will also get a new look if the old and untidy gutters are replaced with new ones.

Roof Safety Products 

It is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that snow and ice falling from the roof does not fall on anyone’s neck. In addition, the chimney sweep, for example, must reach the chimney safely. The condition of roof safety products should be checked from time to time.

When you order the installation of roof safety products from Väriset, the installation typically takes a maximum of one day, hence it is not a very big operation. We use high-quality products made in Finland by Nesco Oy.

Roof ladders

Roof ladders are installed on the roof according to the slope. Thanks to the roof ladders, moving around on the roof is safe. The condition of the roof ladders should be checked from time to time. Many of the old properties have roof ladders that no longer meet today’s safety standards. A good example of this is old wooden and rotten ladders. Renovating the roof ladder ensures that the safety is up-to-date, and the appearance of the house will be improved as well. 

Roof bridges

A roof bridge should always be wide enough for it to be safe. Roof bridges are always chosen according to the roofing material, as different roofing materials require different fasteners. The roof bridges we use are domestic and meet all the necessary safety requirements.

Wall ladders

It is recommended to install wall ladders on the end eaves of the building. This minimizes the strain on the ladder fasteners caused by the packed snow. The condition of the wall ladders should be checked from time to time.

Snow guards

Snow guards protect against damage to property and people caused by falling snow, thus increasing the safety of the building. The snow guard is always chosen according to the roofing material of the house and the steepness of the roof. According to the regulations, the places to be protected are the entrances and passageways of the building, the street area surrounding the building, as well as the areas where people spend time during winter and other general areas.

Escape ladders

Escape ladders or fire service ladders will be installed to ensure a safe exit from the property in the event of a fire or other emergency. An emergency exit must be installed if the height of falling from a window or balcony exceeds 3.5 m. Normally, the height is measured from the ground to the bottom of the window opening or the top of the balcony railing.

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