House Painting

Painting the exterior of your house restores its look and value.

The exterior surface of a house should be painted around every ten years or when you see clear signs of problems. If you are selling your house, a neat exterior is an important selling point.

The coat of paint that protects the timber cladding of the house does much more than just pleases the eye: it protects the house from extreme weather conditions that can put a strain on the surfaces, and it keeps the exterior cladding in good condition. We offer both new paintwork and maintenance painting.

When should you renew the paintwork of the exterior cladding?

These signs will tell you if you need to paint your house:

  • The surfaces look dirty
  • You see mould on the surface of the paint
  • The paint flakes and has cracks
  • The paint surface is worn thin
  • The colours have faded
  • There is wood rot

Ordering Väriset’s painting service is an easy and effortless way to take care of the exterior of your house. We invest especially in the quality of work and customer satisfaction. 

We paint the exterior cladding mainly with a brush, so that we can effectively get to all the surfaces of the house and all its nooks and crannies. Although we paint by hand, as experienced professionals, we do it quickly. We paint skilfully and quickly, with certainty that comes with years of experience. Typically, the painting is completed in 2–8 days.

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    This is how the contract progresses when you order a painting contract from Väriset

    1. Assessment of the house’s exterior surfaces
      We assess the area of the house and the amount of paint required. In the case of an old house, we will sort out the type of paint that was used together, and if necessary, take laboratory tests. We will give you a recommendation of the type of paint that best suits your house.
    2. We will give you a quotation
      You will receive a fixed-price quotation for the exterior painting immediately after the assessment.
    3. Black on white
      We make a written agreement and agree together on tentative schedules for the painting.
    4. The painters and materials arrive
      The painters will arrive with the materials at the agreed time.
    5. Preparations
      Before we start painting, we set up the scaffolding and protect the patios, paving, and surrounding areas.
    6. Thorough groundwork
      First, we do groundwork thoroughly, i.e., we clean the surfaces, replace the rotten wood parts, if necessary, remove the flaky paint, wash off the mould and prime all the exposed wood parts.
    7. The painters paint
      We start the actual painting work. We do a topcoat once or twice, depending on the house. We always do the actual painting work by hand with a brush. Sometimes when painting large clear surfaces, we use a paint roller or sprayer.
    8. Cleaning up the yard
      When we are done with the work, we will clean the yard carefully and transport the waste out of your yard.
    9. Finished!
      We will check that the work is flawless together. We will do a final inspection, which will leave you with a final inspection report for the house’s maintenance history. The exterior cladding of your house will once again be beautiful and weatherproof for a decade.