Tile Roof Coating

Beautiful and waterproof protection for your tile roof with coating

Tile roof coating by a professional is a quick and inexpensive way to maintain your house’s tile roof. The coating makes the old tile roof look great and effectively protects it from moisture, moss, and frost damage.

The actual condition of a tile roof can only be observed by inspecting the coating up close. A roof may look like it is in good condition, but the coating may have completely been worn out.

Moss and moisture brittle the tile roof after the original coating has worn off the tiles. As the freezing water expands, it causes so-called frost weathering. When this is the case, small pieces may come off the tile or it may crack completely.

Why should a tile roof be coated?

Coating and regular maintenance work significantly extends the life of the tile roof when done pre-emptively. The coating makes the old tile roof look great and protects it from moisture, moss, and frost damage for the next ten years.

When should a tile roof be coated?

Coating a tile roof is a timely maintenance measure for a house if the roof was installed 10–15 years ago or when the factory coating has been partially or completely worn out. Moss and other moisture-accumulating growth are signs that the coating should be renewed straight away. 

When a tile roof is not serviced in a timely manner, there may be an expensive roof renovation ahead. You will save a considerable amount of money by taking care of the tile roof in time.

Watch the video for the steps in coating a brick roof

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    Before and after pictures

    This is how it works when you order a tile roof coating from Väriset

    1. Assessment of the tile roof We will examine the maintenance history of the roof and recommend a suitable solution.
    2. Quotation You will receive a fixed-price quotation for the work.
    3. Black on white We make a written agreement and agree together on tentative schedules for the painting.
    4. The workers and materials arrive The workers will arrive with the materials at the agreed time.
    5. Preparations We will make the necessary protection preparations.
    6. Thorough groundwork We will wash the roof with a pressure washer and apply a growth protection agent formulated for protection against moss or other growths.
    7. Coating The coating is done with a high-quality coating that protects the roof.
    8. Cleaning up the yard When we are done with the work, we will clean the yard carefully and transport the waste out of your yard.
    9. Finished! We will check that the work is flawless and do a final inspection.