Tile Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning done by a professional is a quick and inexpensive way to maintain the tile roof of your house.

By cleaning your tile roof, you can remove the moss that collects moisture on your roof. In the process, the appearance of the roof will improve as well.

The tile roof must have an intact coating to keep the tiles protected from moisture and frost weathering. Despite the coating, leaves, twigs, and other debris from the trees can accumulate on the roof, which further advances the transfer of moisture to the surface of the tile and thus accelerates the wear of the coating. Wear of the coating exposes the roof to moss growth.

It is advisable to maintain the tile roof between coatings with mechanical cleaning of the roof, replacement of broken tiles and applying a growth protection agent. Usually, the work will be completed in one day.

When should a tile roof be cleaned and serviced?

Cleaning a tile roof is timely if the roof has intact and sufficient coating, but loose debris, dirt or a small amount of moss has accumulated on the roof. If the roof already has a lot of moss, the roof needs a new coating to protect it.

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    This is how it works when you order a tile roof cleaning from Väriset

    1. Assessment of the tile roof
      We will examine the maintenance history of the roof and recommend a suitable solution.
    2. Quotation
      You will receive a fixed-price quotation for the work.
    3. Black on white
      We make a written agreement and agree together on tentative schedules for the cleaning.
    4. The workers and materials arrive
      The workers will arrive with the materials at the agreed time
    5. Preparations
      We will make the necessary protection preparations.
    6. Thorough groundwork
      We clean the roof mechanically, blow off loose debris with a leaf blower and empty the gutters.
    7. Applying the growth protection agent
      We will apply a growth protection agent on the roof that disposes moss and other growths.
    8. Cleaning up the yard
      When we are done with the work, we will clean the yard carefully and transport the waste out of your yard.
    9. Finished!
      We will check that the work is flawless and do a final inspection.